Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goals UpDate/ New Goals Dec 8- 16

Time to update last weeks goals and set some new ones.... here we go


Finish up Christmas gifts 5 more small gifts... 2 more
2. Finish reading and review book read not reviewed
3. Make Car Bobs
4. repackage sugar
5. repackage oats
6. Draft dodgers for front room
7. scrub tub in spare bath
8. order pictures
9. decorate front room for Christmas
10. Eye appt.( made! next Tuesday)
11.CVS  ( I was very pleased after ECB's and coupons we payed 2.00 op and got 3 ECB's back. 1 contact solution. 3 big bags of doritos, great for the holidays, 2 bottles of Dawn dish shop)
12. Christmas cards ( bought)
13.Make Buddy Burners
14. call Nannie  I know this might seem trite but I have to block out time for Grams, she can talk for 2 hours straight!
15. research sewing machines ( bought!  I ended up scoring one of the top three I had my eye on at a Cyber Monday sale through Amazon.  This embroideries and sews... I am looking forward to it and am signing up for a sewing class at the community college)
16. research herbal classes I think I have found a good affordable on I will start in Jan.
17. List stereo on ebay
18. Chicken waterer  I hope I fixed this situation... some animal is sneaking in and drinking the water from the waterer...
19. Kale
20. garlic  dh decided on raised beds inside the fence because of the deer pop. so these are not going to happen this winter  

Alright , what's on tap

1. Finish last 2 Christmas gifts
2. Crochet and stuff Christmas stockings
3. Wrap and mail out of town gifts
4. Flyers for church service
5. cookie dough /bake /freeze 
6. Taylors Christmas play
7. Learn to use new sewing machine
8.  Lifeline drop off
9. Echinacea tincture
10. Get things ready for ds#4's gf visit
11. Lunch with mil
12. car bobs
14.buddy burner
15 finish spare bathroom
16 work on quarterly goals with Prep Dad

Hopefully on Sunday evening we will have a communications work shop to attend...

Press in and Press on,
Prep MOM

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