Monday, March 5, 2012

march 5, 2012

So far today we threw an extra 80.oo on our land payment. This is for an additional lot we bought to be able to garden and have an additional woodlot.

We went and picked up our bulk order of evaporated cane juice ( 50lbs)

Stopped by the Sheriffs office to pick up our applications for pistol permits.

The mail brought coconut oil, a thermometer and a bulk lot of B complex vitamins

we put in our order for a half a dozen Americana chicks ( sexed)

Picked up 20 more bags of mulch and 9 more cabbage plants

Ordered some junk silver pre 1947 quarters

divided  80 cups of oats into mylar bags and sealed from a previous bulk oat order

Tonight I finished a 6 week sewing class at the local community college.

PrepDad spread mulch in one of the new vegetable beds.

 Press in and Press On

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