Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21,2012

  Beautiful spring day with just the right amount of sunshine and showers. The peas and popping up, spinach , lettuce and cabbage  are taking off.. Onions are growing well.

 We recently had a problem with cabbage loopers but a good dose of cayenne powder sprinkled ont hem seemed to do the trick.

Our daughter and grand son came over for a weenie roast to celebrate the return of spring.  after the hotdogs were roasted Tiny Prepper turned his roasting stick into a spear complete with feathers from MeME's craft basket. Of course Pop had a target for him to practice on.
There was plenty of tree climbing, running, spear throwing and ice cream cone eating.  Relaxing evening , blessed with family..

Pressina nd Press on,

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  1. Looks like lots of fun was had by all...great photo.