Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

 With the time change we both woke up  rather cranky. We had committed to 3 mystery shops about an hour away. It was a beautiful morning to drive the back-roads and our attitudes changed immensely.. We were before noon and set right to work outside, not stopping for lunch until 2:30.

I hoed the onion patch. Tomorrow we will mulch as the onions look like they are well settled and I planted in the chickweed patch.

I replanted spinach , both 68 and 45 day variety.

I planted 2 rows of sugar peas.  I think another 2 rows are in order.

Peat pellets got 39 Roma tomato seeds

Grocery shopping today, we stocked up on food for the week as . We were disappointed that grocery money seems to buy less and less.

Our junk silver came in the mail.

We were given  2 doz. ears of feed corn  that the chickens are enjoying!

Press in and Press on,

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