Thursday, March 29, 2012

A day......

Add to that new starts of peppers and cucumbers... busy day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21,2012

  Beautiful spring day with just the right amount of sunshine and showers. The peas and popping up, spinach , lettuce and cabbage  are taking off.. Onions are growing well.

 We recently had a problem with cabbage loopers but a good dose of cayenne powder sprinkled ont hem seemed to do the trick.

Our daughter and grand son came over for a weenie roast to celebrate the return of spring.  after the hotdogs were roasted Tiny Prepper turned his roasting stick into a spear complete with feathers from MeME's craft basket. Of course Pop had a target for him to practice on.
There was plenty of tree climbing, running, spear throwing and ice cream cone eating.  Relaxing evening , blessed with family..

Pressina nd Press on,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13th , 2012

 PrepDad delved right into a project he had wanted to try for some time and made a batch of charcoal.. The process was interesting and he will be expanding it in the future.

I made pancake mix for long term storage.

We had our first pour off from the kefir grains and used them in our pancakes last night. delicious!

Did some research on biocomposting that will produce grubbs for the chickens as a protein/ calcium source.

I finished crocheting the last of the afghans for give aways.

Pressin and Press on

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

 With the time change we both woke up  rather cranky. We had committed to 3 mystery shops about an hour away. It was a beautiful morning to drive the back-roads and our attitudes changed immensely.. We were before noon and set right to work outside, not stopping for lunch until 2:30.

I hoed the onion patch. Tomorrow we will mulch as the onions look like they are well settled and I planted in the chickweed patch.

I replanted spinach , both 68 and 45 day variety.

I planted 2 rows of sugar peas.  I think another 2 rows are in order.

Peat pellets got 39 Roma tomato seeds

Grocery shopping today, we stocked up on food for the week as . We were disappointed that grocery money seems to buy less and less.

Our junk silver came in the mail.

We were given  2 doz. ears of feed corn  that the chickens are enjoying!

Press in and Press on,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Preps March 9-11

1. Received the book " Our Sun Heated Green House by Helen and Scott Nearing
2. started a batch of keifer grains ( milk)
3. Continued burning down a brush pile for ash for the garden
4. Made pizza in the outdoor pizza oven again
5. Bought seeds for this week's planting
6. Constructed a pvc hand pump for the well  to use in the event power goes out
7. Bought 2 bamboo fishing poles with bobbers , line and hooks
8. Placed the order for 6 lbs of homemade sausage to be delivered next week

Press and Press on,
Prep Mom

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6,2012

Prepdad spread 20 bags of mulch in the garden today

Our cabbage is doing horrible...we will pull and replant

42 onions are up

we bought 20 lbs of rice at Walmart for 11.00

Took a meal to a neighbor who just got home from the hospital.

Worked on crocheting a blanket for my cousin who has breast cancer.

Press in and Prep on

Monday, March 5, 2012

march 5, 2012

So far today we threw an extra 80.oo on our land payment. This is for an additional lot we bought to be able to garden and have an additional woodlot.

We went and picked up our bulk order of evaporated cane juice ( 50lbs)

Stopped by the Sheriffs office to pick up our applications for pistol permits.

The mail brought coconut oil, a thermometer and a bulk lot of B complex vitamins

we put in our order for a half a dozen Americana chicks ( sexed)

Picked up 20 more bags of mulch and 9 more cabbage plants

Ordered some junk silver pre 1947 quarters

divided  80 cups of oats into mylar bags and sealed from a previous bulk oat order

Tonight I finished a 6 week sewing class at the local community college.

PrepDad spread mulch in one of the new vegetable beds.

 Press in and Press On