Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mid Week Goal Updates..

... not so good... Yesterday PrepDad and I tooled around a small town about an hour away looking for some winter clothes for PrepDad.  We did score 3 brand new flannel shirts with tags and a book he had been looking for. I picked up a nice shirt and some jammies myself. We nibbled a bit of lunch and took the scenic ride home... ALSo crossing the border into the next state we were able to get gas 20 cents cheaper....

  Today it became apparent we needed to do our monthly grocery shopping so with list in hand I let Prepdad stay home and work on the business stuff while I tackled that myself.... never a pretty job... I really need to go into menu planning mode to keep our stock rotated and also we need to prepare meals at the shoppe .  We are in " feast" days for retail... followed by IRS refunds.... but May through Aug are famine so we need to pre plan those things.

 So, going into Wednesday.... where are we:
1. Finish up Christmas gifts 5 more small gifts...
2. Finish reading and review book
3. Make Car Bobs
4. repackage sugar
5. repackage oats
6. Draft dodgers for front room
7. scrub tub in spare bath
8. order pictures
9. decorate front room for Christmas
10. Eye appt.( made! next Tuesday)
11.CVS  ( I was very pleased after ECB's and coupons we payed 2.00 op and got 3 ECB's back. 1 contact solution. 3 big bags of doritos, great for the holidays, 2 bottles of Dawn dish shop)
12. Christmas cards ( bought)
13.Make Buddy Burners
14. call Nannie
15. research sewing machines ( bought!  I ended up scoring one of the top three I had my eye on at a Cyber Monday sale through Amazon.  This embroideries and sews... I am looking forward to it and am signing up for a sewing class at the community college)
16. research herbal classes
17. List stereo on ebay
18. Chicken waterer  I hope I fixed this situation... some animal is sneaking in and drinking the water from the waterer...
19. Kale
20. garlic

Hopefully tomorrow will be a strong work day with no distractions.....

Press ina dn Press on,
Prep MOM

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