Friday, November 25, 2011

Old Goals... New Goals

OK, the Holidays have seriously thrown me off game...\
Old goals
1. Finish up our daughters Christmas afghan. ( not going to happen...I should make this a longer term goal)
2. Make a batch of homemade laundry detergent  ( not happening either as the containers I was to store the detergent in will now go to a bulk lot of oats and turbindo we ordered)
3.Read and review a book sent to me for a bloggy review
4. Restock the Car B.O.B
5. Make Elderberry syrup and cough syrup DONE!!!!
6. Plant fruit trees... these are scheduled to arrive tomorrow ( Friday).. 3 apple  and a fig

I seriously lagged with tons of things coming up to make us stumble... so ... here is the new listI am going to try and break them down by days so I can make SURE I get somethings done..

1. Finish up Christmas gifts
2. Finish reading and review book
3. Make Car Bobs
4. repackage sugar
5. repackage oats
6. Draft dodgers for front room
7. scrub tub in spare bath
8. order pictures
9. decorate front room for Christmas
10. Eye appt.
12. Christmas cards 
13.Make Buddy Burners
14. call Nannie
15. research sewing machines
16. research herbal classes
17. List stereo on ebay
18. Chicken waterer
19. Kale
20. garlic

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