Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of book buying for today's preps and 10 goals for this week Sept 26th

I LOVE books.... today I ordered two for review.

The first was 31 days to Survival  by MD Creekmore.  I was looking for a simple how to for a couple of my grown children who tend to be very systematic and list/task oriented. I am hoping this will fill in any gaps they might have in a goal oriented way.  You can read more on it at The Survivalist Blog

The second is Well Preserved: Small Batch Preserving for the New Cook  by Mary Anne Dragan.
, I bought my on Amazon Here.

I read this post by Amanda Sole on SouleMama  and couldn't stop thinking about her ketchup... I sort of kept reading the post a few times a day, and flipping over to Amazon, and adding to my cart... and staring at the cart... and I decided it would be great to do some small batches of things and this looked like the perfect book. I am anxious to get my hands on it.

1. research homemade vanilla
2. do a bit of decluttering , I have set a goal of 200 things for this fall purge
3. work on the fire pit
4. Visit a new to us open air market for some quality apples
5. floor and toilet replaced in small bath
6.Lunch with MIL
7.clean up old dehydrator
8. apple slices dehydrated
9. apple sauce canned
10. apple pie filling canned

Press in and Press on,

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