Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day to Day Preps

. This will simply be a log of our family's day to day preps and achievements towards self sufficiency.

Today was a work day for us.  We own our own business and Saturday's are always spent a the shop.  We had promised the MIL we would take her out for dinner so we met and shared a good meal and visit.  We are not ones to go out a lot so this is always a treat for all of us.

 So, preps for the day : we are researching dwarf fruit trees and both researched and watched videos on the subject.  I am getting ready to consult  Carla Emery " The Big Book of Country Living"  on the subject and hit the sack for the day.  The weather has finally cooled enough to make sleeping restful!

Press in and Press on............,


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