Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept 21,2011

We had slow rain off and on that called for us to take a nap this afternoon.  We almost never take naps but all the house things had been finished, the animals fed & our schedule for tomorrow set up...  a little reading... a little snoozing... a great way to spend our day off!

  I did manage to make up a simple batch of instant oatmeal  mix from Prepardness Matters Blog 
I did give the oats a couple whirls in the food processor . powdered milk, I substituted brown sugar for white and added raisins and craisans..
  I love oatmeal  so this will be great  as the days cool down.  1/2 c oatmeal mix and 1 cup hot water.

OK, that is a really horrible picture. I should have checked it before we ate dinner.  Chris made a wonderful
 whole wheat bread this afternoon. from life blessons blog.  The texture of this bread is great.  It is good for sandwiches but tonight we had it with homemade chicken soup ( perfect rainy weather food)

I started with a  base of Emergency Essentials ABC Soup Mix  I had precooked chciken chunks in the freezer and a jar of chicken broth We added salt, pepper, cayenne and a glob of minced garlic and let it simmer for a couple of hours. The last 15 minutes we added a couple of handle fulls of spinach leaves.
 This soup was so good.  We had enough to freeze for another supper and  a lunch for each of us.

  Tomorrow is a travel work day. We will head south, then west, then up into VA, across the lake and back home.  We are packing some energy bites as snacks and I'll take my camera.!

Press in and Press on,

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