Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dehydrating Apples

 BUSY day... but a good  busy.   I spent some time processing some of the apples and getting them in the dehydrator.

 We love this little gadget. It makes quick work of peels, cores and slices..

Then I always dip the slices into lemon juice before putting them on the dehydrator tray

apple slices can be touching but not overlapping

These will be so good in granola, oatmeal or pies this winter.

We are looking into juicers which will use the peels and cores..... but today the chickens had a feast

Tonight was family dinner night  Chicken, green beans , pilaf and apple crisp.   My MIL had gifted us with her final bean picking. We had enough to freeze a couple quarts also.

How did I do on my to do list for the week?

1. research homemade vanilla
2. do a bit of decluttering , I have set a goal of 200 things for this fall purge
3. work on the fire pit
4. Visit a new to us open air market for some quality apples
5. floor and toilet replaced in small bath
6.Lunch with MIL
7.clean up old dehydrator
8. apple slices dehydrated
9. apple sauce canned
10. apple pie filling canned

  Getting there............

Press in and Press on

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