Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barn Hopping Weekly goals Oct 2- 8

I enjoy reading  posts from others on what is going on around their farms/ farmettes and homes.  I thought this week I would join in the fun so.

You can hop around too by following THIS link.

So, lets see how I did with last weeks goals

1. research homemade vanilla
2. do a bit of decluttering , I have set a goal of 200 things for this fall purge purged around 30 things...this project goes until Jan 1

3. work on the fire pit ( we located the bricks we will use and came up with the plans

4. Visit a new to us open air market for some quality apples
5. floor and toilet replaced in small bath began the demo part
6.Lunch with MIL
7.clean up old dehydrator
8. apple slices dehydrated

9. apple sauce canned   nope
10. apple pie filling canned  nope

OK, so for this week

1. Continue decluttering
2. Continue work on fire pit
3. Continue work on bathroom
4. apple sauce
5. apple pie filling
6. make and can ketchup
7. Check and treat water storage
8. plant spinach/kale
9.Hit the discount store int he big city for canned goods we are running low on
10.  transplant aloe

  The CVS/ ECB run today landed us 5 bottles of shampoo , a couple razors, a couple of toothbrushes, mouth wash  , and some cold medicine  for around 12.00 . 

I received tehe book I ordered Well Preserved  on Friday . There are some unique recipes I would like to try  that would add a bit of spice to food storage.

  The weather is getting cooler and the cats are moving indoors.  We took the time to deworm them and make sure fleas were in check before they stake out their desired places around heat sources.

  do you have any goals this week?

Press in and Press on,


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  1. You are definitely busy on your homestead...look forward to reading your blog.