Monday, October 17, 2011

Barn Hop Weekly Goals Oct 17-23

 That time again... how did I do last week? what's up for this week? 

   First up before I post the goals, let me show you what we will be working on for a couple Christmas gifts this year...  I love this so much.. there will ahve to be a few in our garden too..
Tea cup Birdfeeder

Here are last weeks goals:

1. Transplant aloe I have not gone to get the pots to divide this little beauty, but the plants did move inside for the winter
2. Check and treat water storage
3. Make another batch of applesauce. Excuse #322 It requires Apple juice and the boy keep drinking it
4. Put in Bathroom floor( this is turning out to be much bigger then we thought, we are ahving to replace the floor joist)
5. Annual "b usiness" meeting with PrepDad to discuss the next years projects and goals Chris and I DID have a meeting. Lists are not Prepdad's forte he is an implements.. so we went over a few things that needed to be accomplished and since I love list I was given the task of writing them up and organizing
6. Begin working on handmade Christmas gifts ( getting a few free moments to do some sewing and crochet)
7. order elderberries ( we don't have any in our area)
8. Finish reading and review the Army Field Guide to Wild Plants
9. Purchase ammo for our upcoming range day  We decided we would just pay some of the folks at the range to shoot their guns to get a feel for the gun we are looking to buy int he near future.
10. Continue decluttering  ( BIG strides today, 3 contractors bags of trash and 2 boxes for goodwill)
Goals Oct 17-23

1. make Applesauce
2. Make apple cakes for  range day
3. repot aloe
4. plant beets
5.Range Day
6. Order bulk sugar
7. write up goals for the next 12 months
8. Roast pumpkin seeds and freeze pumpkin
9. can pickled jalepenos
10. salsa
11.  lay the floor for spare bathroom
12. add one day water strorage
13. List a few things on ebay and use money for fire pit purchase
14. Read and review Independence Days by sharon Astyk
15. Check on the Black Walnut trees for nuts and quality this year

Press in and Press on,

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  1. Busyness definitely happened on your homestead. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi...Have a blessed week.