Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Week in Review

.. Ok, 75% of the weekly goals got tossed.. We ended up doing a bunch of traveling and then Sat. after work I had pistol training and PrepDad played with big boy toys at the shooting range with some friends...


This week found us in Fayetteville, NC where we took a moment and visited the famous Hay Street Market. This is where slaves were auctioned after making the journey from the coast up the Cape Fear.  Very humbling... it FEELS sad when you enter it.

Thursday we headed north up into VA. Southern VA is one of our favorite places on the plant... here are a few fun shots I took in Roanoke.

  Friday we had dinner with PrepSon1 and PrepDaughterin law. PrepSon1 is the primary cook and let me tell you... it makes this mama proud of the feast he prepared. ( recipes coming this week)

and Sat... whoa Honey!  I had my first pistol class while PrepDad played with his friends and the big boy toys

We had a blast ( no pun intended!)

Press in and Press On

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