Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prepping for a Diviticulitus Flare

  So , this week it hit me... I rarely have a flare up  but this week with all of our travel, I wasn't paying attention to what I ate or drank... and a tender abdomen, and slight fever was the price I paid.

Granted, I could  go to the doc and get my antibiotics which would mess up the old digestive track even more , OR I could try my hand at some research I had been doing if we were int he position where I had a flare and no doc was around.

Here goes:

I immediately went on a liquid diet of only herbal teas with honey.  I was not a bit particular on the type of herbal but mostly I stuck with ginger peach, chamomile and rose hips .

Honey pretty much is good for everything... do a Google search and see what I mean.  A great article for the novice is at  Natural News

I then began taking 2000mg of freeze dried garlic gel caps 3 times a day.  I took Vitamin B and Papaya Enzymes also.

Garlic is nature's natural antibiotic.. With what we have done with synthetic antibiotics super bugs have been created.  Fortunately garlic attacks the bacteria naturally.

Live Strong article on garlic 

The papin in papaya  is wonderful and soothing for any digestive problem.  I chew a couple at meals to enable digestion.  We use whole Foods brand but they can be found anywhere.

  So, what was my verdict.  I am at the end of day three  and I feel good. Usually at the end of day three with the antibiotics my divi symptoms are gone but I then battle with the antibiotics.  I DID eat a cup of live culture yogurt this evening and I do believe my recovery will be a tad better using natures medicine cabinet.
  Let me just say if I felt I was in anyway in a crisis I would have gone to the ER or at least the doctor.  but as a prepper, I felt the need to test my preps and see if this was going to be my go to in the event  medical care was not an option.  I am very pleased that it is.

Stock up on your garlic and honey

Press in and Press on,

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