Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Review: The Illustrated Guide to Edible Plants by the Dept of the Army

 This book would be a total waste added to your prepper book collection.  The pictures are not clear and are in black and white. There are notes that say things like " Thistles, all parts are edible but some are very poisonous."  Now, I don't know about you but if I wre in teh wild I would not try deciphering a picture to determine if I was going to poison myself by eating a certain plant.  Far better to get a good colored version of edible plants then waste your money on this guide... 2 thumbs down.
The Illustrated Field Guide

    Weekends are always busy times so the list ticking is not doing well.
1. Transplant aloe
2. Check and treat water storage
3. Make another batch of applesauce
4. Put in Bathroom floor( this is turning out to be much bigger then we thought, we are ahving to replace the floor joist)
5. Annual "b usiness" meeting with PrepDad to discuss the next years projects and goals
6. Begin working on handmade Christmas gifts ( getting a few free moments to do some sewing and crochet)
7. order elderberries ( we don't have any in our area)
8. Finish reading and review the Army Field Guide to Wild Plants
9. Purchase ammo for our upcoming range day
10. Continue decluttering  ( BIG strides today, 3 contractors bags of trash and 2 boxes for goodwill)

Press in and Press on,

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