Monday, October 10, 2011

Barn Hopping Weekly Goals Oct 10-16

 Whew, in the thick of a poison ivy out break... the darndest thing... We have a nifty Amish clothesline  that goes from one tree to the next by a pulley system.  I can stand near the porch and load the clothes, and after they dry  I reel them back in for the unload... except I think there is poison ivy on the opposite tree..Ok, no thinking I KNOW there is now, but only after the wind flapped around a towel against that tree that I used.. Thank goodness for the plaintain salve!

Anyhow, its time for another...........
Found  @ Homestead Revival

Let's see how I did with last weeks chores:

1. Continue decluttering  I am so proud of myself today. I was in the mater bath and tossed  stuff I knew we would never use and filled another box with stuff to donate to the local woman's shelter.
2. Continue work on fire pit (this project will probably be postponed until next month.  the bathroom remodel is costing more then we planned)
3. Continue work on bathroom ( sort of)
4. apple sauce
5. apple pie filling
6. make and can ketchup
7. Check and treat water storage
8. plant spinach/kale
9.Hit the discount store int he big city for canned goods we are running low on
10.  transplant aloe

Not too bad!

Now for this week

1. Transplant aloe
2. Check and treat water storage
3. Make another batch of applesauce
4. Put in Bathroom floor
5. Annual "b usiness" meeting with PrepDad to discuss the next years projects and goals
6. Begin working on handmade Christmas gifts
7. order elderberries ( we don't have any in our area)
8. Finish reading and review the Army Field Guide to Wild Plants
9. Purchase ammo for our upcoming range day
10. Continue decluttering 

..and while I'm at it... how about this weeks dinner menu: I'll put recipes up for a few things as the week goes on,

Monday:  spaghetti/salad
Tuesday:  Baked Potato Soup and Dill Bread 
Wednesday: Homemade pizza
Thursday:  Chicken potpie/salad
Friday : Family Dinner
Saturday: soup and grilled cheese sammis
Sunday:.. this is a busy day for us this week  so if we don't do take out it will be popcorn and apple slices

Press in and Press on,

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