Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid Week Prep Update.. and 10 most favorite Prep Books

This picture has nothing to do with this post really aside from the fact her dad, my brother called me for a nice long visit tonight  and when I saw this picture it made me chuckle... I am still chuckling... what a cutie niece I have.

  so, without going into major details one of my brothers sits on the National 9/12 board, and word has it they are going into full prep mode.  I was asked for a list of my 10 favorite prep books.. and being the wonderful big sis I am.. here goes..
( he said EVERYONE knows about the Ball canning book so its not on my list)
1. Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery ( by far the most complete book I have found in my 33 years of simplistic living)

2.all volumes of the Foxfire Books ( out of print but all over the place for cheap at thrifts or on ebay)

3.  Mother Earth News Almanac by John Schuttleworth ( also out of print but excellent resource)

4. Hardtimes in Paradise by Micki and Dave Colfax ( inspirational, this book is what pushed us over the hump to take the back to the land plunge)

5.  Surviving Off Off Grid by Michael Bunker ( I did a review of this book and appreciated many of the things he spoke of that we don't really think about)

6.Living the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing ( once again out of print but a wonderful over view of living off the land)

7. Putting Food By~ Janet Greene

8. Independence Days, a guide to sustainable Food storage and preservation), Sharon Astyk

9. Army Rangers Survival Guide... ( nuf said)

10. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.    Ms Kingsolver and I are worlds apart on many issues, social, political... but one thing I do agree is the absolute need to eat local and care more about your foods.

 Our favorite Magazines have always been Backwoods Home and Countryside.  Recently after a couple decade hiatus we started reading Mother Earth News again..

 We also utilize a local Meetup with like minded folks.

I am more then interested in what is on everyone's must have reading list.

When I began  back to the landing it was the summer of 1976. a friend had taken me to a yurt owned by some friends of his and later I became close with a group that received a grant to build a small solar reflector. So my journey to back to the land has been a process... and still is.... I think as Preppers we need to think about that... life style changes not just panicking to save up  food stuffs and guns if there is a collapse. To a true life long prepper if TSHIF then there might be little life style changes, not much disruption...

Anyhow, how am I doing with the goals this week?

1. Transplant aloe
2. Check and treat water storage
3. Make another batch of applesauce
4. Put in Bathroom floor( this is turning out to be much bigger then we thought, we are ahving to replace the floor joist)
5. Annual "b usiness" meeting with PrepDad to discuss the next years projects and goals
6. Begin working on handmade Christmas gifts ( getting a few free moments to do some sewing and crochet)
7. order elderberries ( we don't have any in our area)
8. Finish reading and review the Army Field Guide to Wild Plants
9. Purchase ammo for our upcoming range day
10. Continue decluttering  ( BIG strides today, 3 contractors bags of trash and 2 boxes for goodwill)

Press in and Press on,

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