Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 27th , 2011 preps

 Today was the first day we have been home long enough to do several loads of laundry. We have not owned an electric clothes dryer in over a year so we had waited also for a summy day to do sheets and towels.
 We do own a large drying rack purchased from Lehmans. we love it and it can hold jeans and such no problem
Amish Drying Rack.

We also own this outdoor drying line  
 It has been a great time saver and holds up well.

For lunch we had

mashed potatoes, bacon, keilbasa & cheese mixed together and baked for 45 minutes  . It seems we can do most of these things from food storage. I have yet to order bacon but we will, and I think the keilbasa can be substituted with spam.

Dinner was chicken burritos
We had  leftover beans mixed with three chicken breast and salsa, next week I think I might attempt the tortillas on my own.

How well did I get on my to do list for the week?

I researched making vanilla and ordered the whole vanilla beans. I ordered 20 online from ebay for less then 5.00 . Seemed like a good investment for the experiment.

I also cleaned out the old dehydrator and it works great despite being abused and in storage for over a year..

Tomorrow is a busy day but hopefully I will be able to pare down the list a bit...

Press in and Press on,

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