Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept 29, 2011

Long day, but good. I had a wonderful lunch with MIL and we talked for 3 1/2 hours!

Came home and found a 10.00 gift card in the mail for some rewards points I had traded in.

We left to do a job in South Hill, VA and stopped at the orchard on the way. It was near closing time so we just purchased a bushel of Golden Delicious.  We'll be going back.

 After completing our job we stopped at the Dollar store across the street and found 4 pkgs of pepperoni, a box of freezer bags, and 8 bags of trail mix that PrepDad likes.

 We then decided to take our gift card to the near by walmart since they had chicken noodle  soup on sale for .60 a can.  We bought a case.

Family business meeting... we decided to cancel our cable.  We really don't watch it much and it can be a distraction.  We also heard a report of the peanut crop.  Tomorrow we will be doing a stock up.

PrepDad ripped out the bathroom floor , toilet and sink in the small bath.

How did we do with this weeks goal this Hump day?

1. research homemade vanilla
2. do a bit of decluttering , I have set a goal of 200 things for this fall purge
3. work on the fire pit
4. Visit a new to us open air market for some quality apples
5. floor and toilet replaced in small bath
6.Lunch with MIL
7.clean up old dehydrator
8. apple slices dehydrated
9. apple sauce canned
10. apple pie filling canne

 MIL gave us 5lbs of snap beans and two peppers. I will snap and freeze beans tomorrow along with buying peanutbutter and canning applesauce.

Press in and Press on


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